Antarctica Fireball 6

Greetings Humanity - let's unleash our FULL potential!!

(We've only used 10% until now) OUCH !!

Time to extend and expand how about 20% 50% 80%

....100% perhaps?!?!

Shift the consciousness & change the world

It's the only way true change can be achieved! Consciousness is one and only asset we have.

Everything is created and un-created via Consciousness technologies. By shifting consciousness from polarity to DIVINE Unity we are able to create Heaven on Earth.

Source Force is a DIVINE tool for consciousness change. The first phenomenon of this kind in the world!

DIVINE intelligence is offering us a higher path and gives us tools, instruments and protocols to achieve it.

Thank you DIVINE!

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The goals of SOURCE FORCE:

  • To refocus Humanity from what is leaving and ending, to what is coming and opening.
  • To see, celebrate and accept the new reality.
  • To receive the first in the World super powerful DIVINE tool, the spiral vortex and to keep it continuously active for healing and unification.
  • To embody the consciousness of DIVINE Mother Source so humanity can finally fulfil its true purpose.
  • Keep the vortex and connection with the Maitreya office, the new governance of the new Earth.
  • To start and open the new civilization features and ways of life.
  • Global transition, consciousness shift and Ascension.

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How the SOURCE FORCE operates?

SOURCE FORCE is open to all beings who are on the path to awakening at this time; those who are further in the spiral of awakening; those who are just starting and those who are about to join in.  It is a powerful configuration of magnetic electrical crystalline interconnected network designed by the DIVINE intelligence.

Everybody who joins in will need to state their “vibrational signature” the filament of light by sending a three minute (no longer) video, where they state who they are, that they are aware of the process of the awakening happening on the planet and give us in several sentences please, their vision, mission and what they do. They also need to provide contact details, websites, e-mails, etc., to be found by all those who need the individual services.

On the other hand, a Facebook Page of SOURCE FORCE is open to everyone to bring into the vortex whatever they need healed, personal problems, symptoms and also national, planetary and global aspects and issues. The forms and programs of old life need to leave and be dissolved, and the new desires and visions manifested into the new reality. The vortex goes both ways.

The Universe says that it is almost like receiving healing on an unprecedented scale, the activity and the broadcast of this spiral is constant. We will be receiving every hour, on the hour, both the shower bath and the power bath. That means cleansing and empowerment, constantly.
The DIVINE hand is on delete button and download button at all times.
Once a day we will receive DIVINE nourishment, once a week the new civilization codes and once a month total global NEW CIVILIZATION Configuration session (88 min duration).
A remarkably simple, elegant, effortless, and utterly empowering way to BE and enjoy UNITY with DIVINITY.

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It’s the only way true change can be achieved!

Source Force is a DIVINELY activated vortex of the new consciousness, embedded within the very matrix and metrics of the planet Earth.
The main sitting generates in Antarctica, it is operating as the global consciousness ‘transformational tool’.
It is also the unified platform of the Lightworkers and all the awakening beings.
It is time to be visible and globally active and carry out healing of staggering proportions, something that was not possible in the old configuration of the planet, however with the planetary changes, these levels of energy work and super holistic intervention are possible and necessary.

If you have ever received a healing session - energy work, Reiki or even a massage - you know how you feel when the DIVINE energies flow through you.
Now multiply that by millions and make it permanent 24/7 and this is how we feel in the Vortex, such is the DIVINE gift of the SOURCE FORCE to Humanity.

The tool for transformation, enjoyment, expansion, healing and start up of the new civilization is here.

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Declaration of DIVINE Human Rights

The Human Rights declaration has not been updated since the times of Voltaire (the French revolution) and the Founding Fathers (USA).
A very similar set of documents were used for the United Nations Inauguration after the Second World War. However the DIVINE intelligence has expanded the view of Human potential.
So here we are, declaring the DIVINE version of our Human Rights.

- The right to a direct DIVINE connection
The right to a free mind not polluted by any philosophy, religion, thought form or brainwashing. Pure clean mind field by the decree of the heart intelligence.

- The right to Sovereignty
The freedom of being sovereign, standing in full expression, owned, and controlled by no one.

- The right to Authenticity
The right to full expression of authenticity.  To be and expand as the true self.

- The right to a KIND MIND
Unification with DIVINE mind. The right to purity, cleanliness, of mind, body, environment, and higher environment.

- The right to an ART HEART
Life of empowered, loving, open heart, achieving full satisfaction.

- The right to ‘free connections’ with All that Is
Free connections with higher civilizations and dimensions and all of the DIVINE creation.

- The right to choose
Freedom of choice and personal diversity.

- The right to be at ONE with the DIVINE
To live a full life as an expression of DIVINITY.

- The right to be an ‘integral field’ of Planet Earth
Living in harmonious expansion, a win-win corporation and mutual respect.

- The right to be a ‘conscious civilization’ of Homo Angelicus
New Humans on the New Earth.

- The right to ‘mastery of consciousness’ technologies
Open and empowering access to Sacred Knowledge. From Mystery to Mastery.

- The right to DIVINE truth, expression, knowledge, and wisdom
Living life of transparency, interconnections, truth, and honesty. 

- The right to a ‘co-creative relationship’ with the Planet
Honoring, respecting, and cherishing Mother Earth and all beings in nature’s kingdoms.

- The right to ‘be free from’ polarity and all illusion
Dissolving the program of polarity and illusion consciousness.

- The right to be an integral part of the purified consciousness
Downloading the programs of pure DIVINE consciousness of truth.

- The right to freedom of all interference
Integrity and independent creation under DIVINE governance free from any unwanted interference of other aspects of creation.

- The right to all DIVINE universal resources
Abundance and supply is a birthright of the Human race.

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Manifesto of the new DIVINE Governance

As new civilization begins, we adopt the DIVINE way of governance of our lives, communities, and societies.

1 - Art & Creativity

Our lives are our artistic projects. Creating lives of peace, bliss, harmony, and beauty.

Art has always been the expression of humanity, of something deeper, more wonderful, and divinely inspired that comes from within. Art brings beauty, harmony, and deep meaningfulness.
It appeared that the rest of the life was not matching the art levels.

The art stands as the highest expression of humanity. In the new civilization, the new reality, DIVINE is asking us to create art out of everything - every expression of human life becomes art. We are opening the ART-HEART so humanity can continuously manifest what is written in the heart desire and create the highest expression which brings full satisfaction. When we ‘reach satisfaction’ means the energy is released, the cycle is completed.
That is the DIVINE way of playing with energies.

Humanity very often tried to come to the point of satisfaction and then the energy dropped.  That is not the correct usage of energy. So, the universe and the art and creativity is asking us to have the full expression of all the creative potential and power, which when expressed constantly, brings satisfaction all the time.  This is the new ‘way of reality’ for humanity.

2 - Politics and Nations

The Nations flourish in unified expression with each other, like the cells and tissues of the same global body. All support One and One supports All.

Nations created in DIVINE consciousness live, expand and manifest in the DIVINE ways.
Unified but free Human Nations live respectfully with Planetary and Higher Nations.
The old modality of Nations trying to copy, dominate and compete only managed to bounce negative energy around resulting in conflicts, wars and unease.
The politics of the ‘higher kind’ means following and respecting the ways that inner intelligence connects all nations - just like all different cells happily live in the body.

They all do their work and have their expression - so the nations of humanity can live perfectly harmoniously and do their contribution to the whole whilst receiving from the whole.
Deception and dominance are replaced with politics (poly ethnic) of co-operation and open heart.

3 - Health and Well being

The definition of health has changed from “nothing is hurting” to all performs perfectly at all times.

Health and well being used to be defined as a commodity that can very easily be misused and lost.  Health and well being are the first and foremost expression of a DIVINELY connected and balanced way of life.

So, instead of letting problems occur and then chasing the solutions, the focus of the health and wellness lineage of life is ensuring the constant flow, well being, and expression of the inner intelligence of life without any blockage, disruptions or distortions. That alone cancels the symptoms, suffering, problems, and illness which were occurring in the world.

When we step and stay in the full universal flow of energy sustenance, expression and expansion, there is no such a thing as illness and the very definition for health changes. It used to be ‘if nothing is hurting’ it means the person is healthy.

The new definition of health and well being is when ‘everything is working’ in perfect alignment, in the perfect expression, in the DIVINE intelligence and at its total optimum always.

4 - Education and Learning

The Universe is our open book, source of all learning and education.

The rules are reversed – education was considered the journey from unknown to the known. Under the qualities of the logical mind things that can be seen, seemingly proven, are packed in a particular way of learning packages for the young generations to adopt.

Humanity was constantly missing out on the higher educational value that the new generations bring and was only focusing on teaching (these generations) what we already know.

Now, the education and learning become an open field of the expression of the DIVINE intelligence accepting the young generations, even tiny babies. They bring and hold powerful, educational and knowledge skills. Humanity will do itself a huge favour, by paying attention and using the knowledge that the new generations bring by integrating that knowledge for the betterment of all humanity.

The old system of education and learning from only the outer sources is changing into the highest learning, which comes from the inner sources of intelligence.
The Universal DIVINE knowledge is received through the inward pathways and then manifested for the goodness and benefit of all humanity.

The entire Universe is our educator with ‘source of knowledge’ becoming an open book from which humanity learns and applies the highest expression of education and learning.

5 - God Direct and consciousness technologies

GOD within, is the inner teacher, DIVINE intelligence is available to everyone through their own hearts, minds and DIVINE presence. The Cosmic Inner-net.

The highest order for the human being, is to consciously, fully and passionately at all times, live in FULL connection with DIVINITY as ONE.
Before, we would connect ‘every now and then’ through different consciousness technologies. The prayer is technology, meditation is consciousness technology and there are so much more powerful consciousness technologies that humanity is mastering now.

Religions and philosophies of the world were a mediator between the DIVINE and how the knowledge was conveyed to the masses. Religions did a powerful job until now (grateful for that) however, humanity is stepping in to its true real ordinance which is the God Direct, the God Within, the true DIVINE intelligence, available to everyone through their own hearts, minds and DIVINE presence.

So, ‘God direct’ becomes the expression of the ‘highest right’ of the human race, and the consciousness technologies become an open avenue to allow humanity to progress, expand and express its DIVINITY in the physical world without hindrance.

6 - Economy and Supply

DIVINITY that sustains ALL life provides uninterrupted, abundant, permanent flow of supply.

Human ‘economy and supply’ was based on the principals of the ‘limited mind’ and the ‘false ideas’ of the polarity reality. That was allowing illusionary shortage, misalignment, hindrance to the flow of supply.
Now humanity is moving into the full truth of the ‘economy and supply’ from the limitless SOURCE. In truth it is not possible to have a shortage and yet humanity managed to create one.
So, from now on we will be moving back to the natural supply of the DIVINE kind which is limitless supply. The human economies following the DIVINE intelligence become subject to this limitless supply.
Humanity lived in limitation program. We became the masters of limitation, now it’s time to go back to the truth and allow the supply on all levels.

7 - Planetary well being and Eco systems

The new premise: The Human well being absolutely depends on the Planetary well being and reflects the principles of well being of the entire Universe.

In the past, humanity violated the natural laws and worked against the well being of the planet, and its eco systems.  The polarity illusion dictated that we must use, misuse, and abuse the Planet to survive.
The truth is that the DIVINE intelligence perfectly supplies every species including humans on this planet in perfect alignment with planetary well being.
We are moving to the ‘truthful ways’ of energy usage, utilizing the resources, looking after the eco-systems.
The DIVINE intelligence utilities cosmic recycling pathways; nothing is meant to clog, stay, or pollute somewhere, everything is meant to flow, complete the cycle and move back to the neutral energy.

8 - Energy and Sustainability

The clean, brilliant, self-renewing energy comes from the DIVINE Source.

Humanity was using the energy in a very unsustainable way. Using the resources and generating energy in the polarity paradigm creates dual results, the benefit and the pollution.
The ‘usage and depletion’ as we move into the consciousness of unified energy field. we understand that energies are only meant to be used in a sustainable way.
The Universe in its infinite intelligence, always generates and re-generates the energy sustainably.  Accordingly humanity is adopting sustainable energy production, free to produce and available always.

9 - Science & Technology

Human technology can’t duplicate the blade of grass. Know how and ‘can do’ comes from alignment with DIVINE science.

The human science used to be a tedious journey of the human mind playing hide and seek with itself. Polarity concept was forcing the mind to look outside, discover the secrets of the nature of the Universe and basically copy their technologies.

Copying the Universal templates and patterns without the higher knowledge is guess work. True Higher Science is an alignment of the minds of the humans with the DIVINE mind. All the science, technology and operational modus just flow from that one SOURCE of knowledge and intelligence.

10 - Cosmic Hauraki and Star Nations

Consciously interacting and co-creating with our Cosmic Nations relations.

The new Human civilization consciously acknowledges that we are not alone in this Universe. The era of loneliness, isolation and separation of humanity is over.
Humanity starts seeing itself as part of the higher Hauraki.

We will discover our cosmic relatives, our cousins, our neighbors. We are honoring the Star Nations who are helping us, the beings of ‘love and light’ who have always worked with the planet, and humanity. They were connecting with the conscious awakened humans.

Now it becomes an asset for the entire Humanity, it becomes a way of life. We purposefully and joyfully connect and interact with our ‘cosmic nations’ relations.
We cherish many beings and civilizations that exist in the Universe.

11 - Evolution and Resolution

From revolution and evolution to resolution and RE-Solution. From the see-saw of expansion and constriction, we are moving into DIVINE consciousness of constant infinite expansion. The way is UP UP UP!!

Humanity is always striving for change, yet the change is inevitable. We are discovering that accepting the DIVINE way of evolving is a glorious way forward for humanity.
We have tried Revolution only to find ourselves in the same spot.

This approach only changed circumstance and appearance not the consciousness. Humans who were fighting with rocks and sticks are today fighting with rockets and sophisticated weapons, yet the consciousness that drives that kind of behavior is still the same, it has not changed.  So, the evolutionary aspect of the consciousness is now becoming a paramount of the new Civilization.

The Evolution was happening randomly. It is time for ‘Conscious Evolution’ which happens from ‘conscious resolution’, and brings RE-solution, ability to SOLVE anything and bring SALVE to the World.
The SALVATION evolved consciousness keeps evolving.
One of Highest assets of humanity is free will. The DIVINE intelligence gives us this power. When we make a Resolution by choice the Universe moves mountains to bring that choice into embodiment.
Resolution is allowing humanity to project forward and expand with the Universe. We are moving from an up and down ‘constant expansion constriction pattern’ into the new consciousness technology: expand, expand, expand!

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Proclamation of the new DIVINE Human Civilization

Here it is !! The NEW CIVILIZATION begins !!!

Revolution Evolution Resolution brings DIVINE  RE- Solution.
The opening of the New Civilization is a grand occurring in the Universe.

It starts with the Sacred Intent of the DIVINE.
Next it takes the civilization pattern in consciousness choosing what it is going to be like, what kind of fun we are going to have with this creation.

Then comes the BIG BANG of energy!!!
DIVINE provides the ALEPH AUR or the First Light for the New Civilization, the raw energy which is waiting to manifest into more detail.

Humanity is now receiving these bursting raw energies while at the same time DIVINE calls for structuring, coding, shaping, programming, manifesting and enjoying this New Civilization.

That is the reason for opening of the SOURCE FORCE which is why we are all “called” in action, to receive the tools and energies and consciously co-create the new reality.

In the past we have tried to change the Human condition by Revolution. We have acknowledged the Evolution.
Now it is time for Resolution which brings the new DIVINE solution for our world. This is what needs to happen!

This is our hearts desire, and it brings the DIVINE reprogramming of the entire consciousness Template. TRUE new beginning.
Starting the New Civilization only happens by closing the previous one and gloriously opening the new one.

The next Human Civilization is Heaven on Earth.  Homo Angelicus exceeds the Homo Sapiens in every way. The biological form that somehow learned to think is replaced with fully functioning BE-ing, the embodiment of the DIVINE.

WE PROCLAIM full ONENESS with the SOURCE Creator of all that is!

Thank you MOTHER GOD.

Bring it on !!!!!!

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