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Rise of the New Woman (Gods Welcome Too)

Are you ready to become the embodiment
of the Divine Feminine?
Are you ready to Speak, Think, Act, Be, Create, Embody
– Teach her ways?
Are you ready to move from suffering EVE consciousness
to the glory of QUAAN consciousness?
Then RISE!

Missing from human consciousness for millennia, powerful Divine Feminine energies are growing on the planet. Our world has suffered deeply from suppressed feminine and dominant masculine energies. It’s now time to experience the balance, beauty, harmony and power of true UNITY consciousness.

We help you delete the old Eve Consciousness which has caused untold suffering and suppression of the feminine and replace it with QUAAN Consciousness in all her GLORY leading you from suppression to expression and from weakness to empowerment; it’s truly the rise of the new modern woman.

There has never been a stronger, all encompassing, more potent, life changing, paradigm shifting healing energy on our planet.

Welcome QUAAN!

If you are receiving this information and resonate with it, then YOU are the old-system BREAKER and the new-system MAKER.

2 Day Masterclass: SPECIAL Venus Retrograde Offer
– £141 for 2 Days of Transformation & Healing

When: 13/14th October
Where: Goddess House, Magdalene Street, Glastonbury, BA6 9EJ

Venus Retrograde in Scorpio means it’s an incredibly potent time for healing our wounds of shame, guilt and fear that are keeping us small, denying our desires and true power. It’s time to transform ourselves into the true GODDESS we know ourselves to be.

~ Confident, Sexually Expressive, Empowered, Abundant, Joyful, Magnetic, Harmonious & Creative ~

We will guide and support you to let go of your past FOREVER using powerful healing techniques and give you the tools to step into the full radiance of your true self.

I want this for you, not at some point in the future but NOW so I’m offering a massive £111 off the masterclass reducing it to just £141. So don’t delay, book today to receive this incredible offer (Including delicious vegan treats).


Limited spaces available so book today & claim your FREE GIFT

Or call Fiona 0772060379 email fiona@quaan.one

Group Healings & Private Sessions available on request

90 minute 1:2:1 session with Biljana – £120
2-hour private group healing session with Biljana  – £50 per person
(min 3 people)

You can get some more info here:
New Ascension tools – Goddess Rising

“…some events make HISTORY; these events make future.”

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2 Day Weekend Masterclass: QUAAN Goddess Rising; Rise of the New Woman
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