FREE GIFT - Point of Stillness & The Cradle

A consciousness technology from the primary field of creation to re-programme mind & body to create deep inner stillness using guided meditation, light language and sound healing.

When programmed you will be able to identify a point of stillness in the heart space which allows your mind to disconnect from outside noise, your body to move to a place of inner peace and creates the following physiological changes within the body; heart rate and breathing slows, adrenaline levels drop, fight or flight response deactivates, brain waves change and emotional body calms.

Then you will be taken into QUAAN’s embrace, to receive a transmission whilst being held in the gentle rhythmical rocking cradle of the Divine. Lastly you complete the programming with the sound of the 8 tonalities. All you need to do is be open to RECEIVE.

This extremely helpful tool is designed to be used on a daily basis to reduce stress, anxiety, fears and negativity. It will enable you to step into a deeper stillness, a prerequisite to Ascension.
In the past it took lifetimes of practising meditation to still the mind, now we are Blessed with the instant effect of stillness. Thank you QUAAN.

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