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 Quaan Goddess Rising: Rise of the New Woman

Are you ready to become the embodiment of the Divine Feminine?
Are you ready to Speak, Think, Act, Be, Create, Embody - Teach her ways?
Are you ready to move from suffering EVE consciousness to the glory of QUAAN consciousness?
Then RISE!

Missing from human consciousness for millennia, powerful Divine Feminine energies are growing on the planet. Our world has suffered deeply from suppressed feminine and dominant masculine energies. It’s now time to experience the balance, beauty, harmony and power of true UNITY consciousness.

QUAAN is neither myth nor legend, she is the vibrant primary field of creation, the Mother God, our Universal parent. When we embody her, we create Heaven here on Earth, bringing the consciousness of abundance, protection, expansion, joyful creation, balance and harmony to us all. She shows us how to create a reality from our deepest heart’s desires.

We help you delete the old Eve Consciousness which has caused untold suffering and suppression of the feminine and replace it with QUAAN Consciousness in all her GLORY leading you from suppression to expression and from weakness to empowerment; it’s truly the rise of the new modern woman.

Quaan Goddess Rising: The Rise of the New Woman

2 Day Masterclass or 5 Day Divine Retreat Option


Embodying the Mother Goddess to activate and empower the new woman within. As well as building a powerful Divine Feminine community.


  • Celebrating the return of the Mother God.
  • For woman who have received an inner calling to step into their Divine Feminine
  • The shift from Eve Consciousness to QUAAN Consciousness.
  • This program deletes the old way of being and replaces it with a cellular upgrade and true Divine Feminine expression.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. The Rise of the New Woman
  3. Hips, Lips and Fingertips
  4. Eve Consciousness – escaping and healing Suppression, Oppression Repression
  5. Configuration of the KA RAI symbol
  6. Configuration of the RA MAN symbol
  7. Configuration of the ART HEART
  8. Configuration of the MIND & HEART OF GOD- 8-POINTED HEART STAR
  9. Light Language Configuration
  10. Balancing of the Divine Masculine & Feminine


October – November 2018
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